Friday, 1 September 2017

Welcome to Group Horse Daily

How many times have you read in the media that a smart debut winner had been flying up the gallops? 

Too many.

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The problem is that you only hear a trainer had been singing its praises after it has landed a gamble or it's heading to Royal Ascot, Newmarket or Goodwood. 

It's Group Class. 

In fact, it's the best horse they have ever trained!

Consider for a moment what you could do with this privileged information if only you had known before it set foot on course.

Well, that's what we are offering you today. 

Throughout the Flat turf season, Group Horse Daily can be used as a powerful tool helping pinpoint the best unraced and lightly raced two-year-old horses in training. In fact, it can be used to identify winning three-year-olds the following season. If you enjoy Steve Taplin's Two-year-olds of 2019 then this will be worthy of your time. The advantage is that we detail a trainer's top horses on a daily basis. In a sport of changing fortunes, it pays to have current information. Alternatively, it could be used as a great accompaniment to identifying exceptional two-year-old talents.   

Just imagine if you knew the best horses in training before the crowd. Insight akin to seeing through a trainer's eyes. How confident would be feel betting on a horse the trainer thinks has star potential?

I can tell you nothing beats the excitement of knowing a talented, yet unraced, horse and seeing it entered for a race. You feel part of a horse's story let alone expecting an impressive run.  

That's the privilege you gain when accessing our private website.

Group Horse Daily gives beginners to seasoned professionals a new perspective on racing. It's a real eye-opener. It is an investment which helps you know that little more than most. A knowledge that may be the difference between winning and losing.

How can we best explain it? A testimonial from a happy reader...

''It's like having John Gosden on speed dial'' 

No, it's better than that, it's like having every trainer with a talented horse on speed dial. In essence, that's what subscribers enjoy about Group Horse Daily. It affords an opportunity to identify the future stars of racing because you know what trainers up and down the country are thinking. Remember, this isn't our assessment, it's the trainers. 


Name talented two-year-old horses you admired over the years. It's very likely we named them before debut or showing their winning level of ability. 

What is this information worth to you? 

A horse like Frankel doesn't come along very often. He didn't escape us, the pride and joy of Sir Henry Cecil. It's ironic that many of Frankel's two-year-old offspring will be on this year's list.

Truly talented horses are literally ''catching pigeons on the gallops'' and primed to make their debut. 

Can you afford to read about their wins a day too late? 

By subscribing today you will know what top trainers think about their horses.   

Good luck.