Saturday, 18 January 2020

Flat Turf Season 2020 - Let's Keep It Private

I'm very busy and my time is finite.

Readers may have noticed Group Horse has been updated. 

Pinatubo is the lead horse from last season, while Quadrilateral and Cape Palace show the way. 

Exciting times ahead with Classic races on the horizon and a two-year-old season which starts with the Brocklesby Stakes. 

It's the reason why our exceptional information helps pinpoint the future stars of racing - before they hit the track running.   

Our prized 10 Dark Horse Mailing will be sent around July - August. (It's very likely we will be sending a second list towards the end of the turf season, too. )

Group Horse Daily will detail plenty of talented two-year-olds. The majority of these updates will be post-race. 


Our 2020 Group Horse List Page will be kept private this season. 

The simple reason - too many random people and businesses are using this prized inside info and making money off the back of my hard work. I've had someone send me an email trying to sell me my own information!

Sadly, that means those who appreciate, need or just can't do without our updated Group Horse List will have to contact me and pay an annual subscription of £97. 

The choice is yours. That's the only way the information will be available. I use the information to make money gambling and I'm pretty sure that's the reason you want it too. It's a small sum to have something most don't.

The alternative is updating the entries yourself. If you price your time at £25 an hour, that will give you about 4 hours of updates (which may cover the first month if you are lucky).

By restricting numbers this information is even more valuable to those with privileged, private access.

Simply contact me via this email 

Everything else regarding the website will stay the same. 

Thanks for your support.