Monday 19 February 2018

Why is Group Horse Such an Exciting Prospect?

How many ways are there to identify a winning horse? 

Lots. Too many to mention. To be fair, when someone starts saying they have this idea to make money betting most people shut down. ''Yeah, yeah'', we've heard it all before. We'd rather search the data to find its flawed than sing the praises of something that actually works. 

I can understand that bias as I'm exactly the same. In fact, I am worse than most people because I'm not even interested in looking what someone else can do. Realistically, that is a mistake because there are a lot of people who do exceptionally well in their given niche. I don't take much notice of others work simply because I am very busy and that I am satisfied with my lot. 

Group Horse isn't an original concept. It is simply using the information at hand which is waiting to be found. 

It delves into the realm of horse trainer opinion. In that sense we know the best two-year-old race horses in training. If you can see the potential of this information then feel welcome to see what we can offer. If not, then that's fine, too. We are interested in giving value to our readers. Big race entries are nothing new. They have been part of the racing calendar for decades. They have changed a little here and there but for the most part their structure is the same. You don't need Group Horse to find this information because it is in the public domain. 

But why would you do the work when someone else does it for free? 

I had someone say: ''There's nothing new about this - it's just group entries.'' As if I didn't realise it myself. I replied in my own particular way explaining that they were correct in ways but they were forgetting a few things along the way. Mainly that if they wanted to know this information to a high standard it would take them about 100 hours to compile. Who do you know that's willing to work 100 hours for you for free? I can tell you - no one!

People see what they want, hey. I consider that all those with a negative perspective will do more harm to themselves. It doesn't concern me in the slightest.

Group Horse helps you find the best two-year-olds in training. Many before they make their debut, while others are lightly raced. By its very nature, it details every stakes, listed and group winner.

This new turf Flat season will be exciting. Seeing all those names of potential star race horses. 

Want to know the best two-year-olds in training?  Then take an interest in Group Horse Daily.