Welcome to Group Horse Daily

My interest in horse racing came from my late father, Colin. A good, kind, generous man who made sure we had a great childhood and respect for life. Our annual holiday saw us venture to Caister-on-sea, a mile or two from Great Yarmouth racecourse. Dad used to love his racing and we would tag along. We still go to the Eastern Festival every September in memory of those who are no longer here to enjoy the day. 

I have made my passion for horse racing a full-time business. I specialise with two-year-old horse racing and run over 20 websites related to many different aspects of this great game. 

Group Horse (Daily) is a great platform to learn about the best two-year-old horses in training. In many ways, punters find this niche difficult - all those unraced horses! But, in truth, this aspect, of having a blank slate each season is a strength, because we detail information that others don't understand. That knowledge gives our readers a huge advantage. It is inside info made easy. 

Thanks for your support and good luck,