Monday 1 October 2018

The Future Of Group Horse

Are you ready for the new Flat turf season 2019?

Have you ever wanted to know the best two-year-old horses in training before they set hoof on track? You hear trainers saying their horse has been ''flying up the gallops''. A fat lot of good that is knowing all their ''secrets'' after the race. We've heard it all before, hey. It's frustrating. If only we were part of those inner circles it would be different. Just think what you could do with that inside information!

Well, that's the beauty of Group Horse Daily. 

Name a horse trainer - big or small. I can tell you their best two-year-olds before they make their racecourse debut. 

Take this year, we forward a couple of 10 Dark Horse Mailings (which we give for free so you can see we know the score). 

In fact, we gave just 18 horses. (A fraction of those we have available) 

What did the horses on this year's mailings achieve? (they are still running so the list of triumphs isn't finished yet). 

Class Horses:

Too Darn Hot (Form) 1111

Kadar (Form) 1

Converter (Form) 152

Fashion's Star (Form) 1

Prince Eiji (Form) 135

Royal Marine (Form) 611 

Other horses of note include:

*Commanding Officer (Form) 421 

*Global Warning (Form) 32

Imperial Charm (Form) 331

Lightly Raced:

Victory Day (Form) 54

Silent Hunter (Form) 42

Wings Of Time (Form) 7

Magic Illusion (Form) 45

Quasar (Form) 58


Eligible (Form) 90

East Coast Swing (Form) 80

Albert Finney (Form) 974


Farnham (Roger Varian) (Make a note of this horse)

* Just two horses had run previously when detailed on our 10 Dark Horses Mailings. They had raced once.

I think you will agree it's an impressive strike rate - not only forwarding winning two-year-olds but exceptional talents. 

What Next?

Well, subscribers on our 10 Dark Horse Mailing will receive at least two updates (July - August). Also, we will have at least one general mailing a month about interesting horse trainer stats

Thanks for your support.  

If you would like to know more about Group Horse Daily contact me