Sunday 24 February 2019

If Your Betting Slip Could Talk

At times gambling is a cruel teacher of lessons. However, with every harsh word, it is literally coated with sugar, not to deceive the senses but inform there is a sweet road to success. 

That bet lost. 

What can it tell you? If it could talk, what would it say? It is a wise, old many with wit and wisdom trying to help you cross a busy road. At times his words may feel like a punch to stomach but they are said to prevent the next big hit. 

To succeed at gambling it is about trial and error, simply learning by putting one foot in front of the other until the journey is almost, but never, complete. As youngsters, my brother and I were very good at gambling. We were about 17 years of age and so knowledgable that someone could have said the name of a two-year-old horse (our niche) and we could detail ever aspects as if reading the Racing Post. In many ways, we may have been even better than today. 

We had something to tell the world. ''We know our stuff''. I don't know if it was an age thing, but people thought we were a couple of cocky know-it-alls if not idiots. I guess they thought they didn't know anything so how could they. Perhaps they turned into the green-eyed monster. Thinking if they know so much they will make a fortune. Money changes people, often those around you. 

My Dad said it all. At the time, I couldn't see beyond the fact that I wanted other's praise. What a pointless way to think. All you need is yourself. It is your strength or weakness in life which sees you succeed or fail. 

He said: ''If I knew something I would keep it to myself and smile.''

How wise are those words? What can others offer in the sense of praise to add to your own accomplishments? Like the person who loses weight, it results in one word of compliment, then the conversation moves on. Do it for you. Whatever you do in life, do it for your pleasure. If you can help people along the way always try. Some people are worth their weight in gold. Not for their richness in monetary terms, but in their words of kindness, hope and appreciation. 

If someone doesn't believe in you, me, them, it should never feel like a threat, a fear, worry or concern. True confidence just looks back and smiles. It is an expression that goes beyond the thoughts of others who simply cannot understand. They are the limited ones, not you. They can only imagine but never hold onto their dreams.

If anything, those words strengthen the heart and mind. Be thankful for the success of the journey so far. Those losses taught me a valuable lesson which returned a knowledge worthy of the highest regard. 

The next time you bet and win or lose. Think before you throw away that betting slip and move on. What is it saying? What wise words are being told? You may be ignorant to understand but the day will come when you understand so clearly.

The battle is won before it is fought.