Thursday 17 October 2019

Are Group Entries the Secret to Betting Success?

Followers of Group Horse know the information is exceptional. How can it be beaten? It is beyond the norm simply because it is the opinion of horse trainers big and small. You don't need me to sing its praises. 

The likes of Pinatubo. A horse that wins at Group 1 ''impressively''. A horse that's going to be favourite for the Guineas and most probably the Derby. The way it's going, it may win both! 

Craig, who runs Craig's Betting Blog, is an avid follower of Group Horse, to the point of following the highs of many horses on his pages. He does it very well. In a short period of time his blog has achieved over 17,000 pageviews. Month on month the traffic has been building. I mean, it's just a few months. 

Is Craig the epitome of Pinatubo? 

After studying the Group entries, he said: ''I thought just following horses with Group entries would mean they are winners waiting to happen.'' 

In truth, they aren't. Not all of them. Many, yes, but not all. 

And that is the crux of all the question about finding winners. Without a doubt, the information on these pages is better than you will find via 95% of websites, phone calls, or funny dances at the Masonic Lodge. However, the true understanding of this information is knowing how to filter the good from the bad. We have all seen well-entered juveniles disappoint time after time. They can be quite frustrating. I have been working long and hard to find the answers to these questions. That is why I don't use the Group entries alone because they are part of the jigsaw. 

Form, betting, statistics are the key to understanding the full picture. That knowledge isn't easy to understand. It's a mix of variables which makes the Rubik's Cube look simple. At least that has a fixed mathematical formula. If you know the ''secret'' you can complete the task in a matter of seconds.

Horse racing changes for each and trainer and can vary from season to season. 

So in truth Group Entries aren't the complete secret to betting success. They are part of the equation.