Wednesday 11 December 2019

Best Unraced 2yo Horses to Win this Season

It's a question that many punters have considered.

Their reason is crystal clear. If you know the best horses in training then you are one step closer to being a winner. Two-year-old horse racing is the perfect answer to the question of where to look. Unlike other age groups, every season starts with a blank slate. 

Now I know a lot of punters hate two-year-old horse racing for that reason. 

''No one knows what is going to happen as there isn't any form. It's a lottery. Not even the trainers have got a clue.''

The trouble with that reasoning is clear. They are words of someone who doesn't understand two-year-old racing and your point of view is inaccurate. To have an opinion you need to have experience. It's like me saying buying stocks and shares is a waste of time when I have no idea about the subject. 

You see what I mean. If you put in the time and effort I can assure you that limitation would be viewed as opportunity and money to be won. 

Fair enough, not everyone has the time to understand two-year-old racing. It is a unique age group. 

Far too many people jump to unfounded opinions about so much of horse racing and gambling. They believe just because they don't understand something that no one else does either. I don't mean to be cruel, but when I think about that statement I have an image of an ostrich with its head in the sand. It's a limiting point of view and in reality it does no one any favour especially the person giving their opinion that two-year-old racing is for mug punters or impossible to understand.

The other day one of my mates shared a post from Eric Winner tips. I noticed a comment saying you want to be careful of those gangsters. 

Perhaps it was written with humour. 

However, there is one thing I can guarantee about the person who made that comment. Which makes them even more stupid than they imagine. What assessment did they do to make their judgement? How long did they take to make an informed opinion about the subject they were quoting? 

Pardon me for making a judgment, but I'm pretty sure they didn't even look at the website. If they did, how long did it take to be the font of all wisdom? 

One minute?

It's ridiculous, hey?

So it's ok to make a judgment without assessment? 

It is if you want the owner or professionals of that website to view them with contempt. 

It is sad that people feel the need to make such statements. That they do not even stop for a moment and consider the only weak link is themselves. They are too stupid to even be able to even join those dots together. 

All too those who put in the work (often for none or little return) are targetted. But what do those who take so freely ever give back? 

The majority of people need to stop for a moment and take stock of who they are and how they think because from what I have seen so often is that their words are a reflection of their own limitation. 

If you want to know a subject well then ask someone who knows the subject well. 

It's not difficult to appreciate.