Saturday 20 February 2021

How Does Edward Thorp (A Man for all Markets) Look So Young?

You may be reading this article and asking: ''Who is Edward Oakley Thorp?''

If you have read a book or two about blackjack or Probability Theory then, yes, we are talking about the American mathematics professor. He is a respected author of many books including: Beat The Dealer (1962), A Winning Bet in Nevada Baccarat (1963), Elementary Boundaries (1966), Beat The Market (1967),The Mathematics of Gambling (1984), The Kelly Capital Growth Investment Criterion (2011) & his latest publication A Man for all Markets (2017).  

I've had a little bit of paid content on my websites and one or two articles written about Edward Thorp. In fact, I was reintroduced to his mastery with a recent article written by my good friend, Calvin Crane, who penned: 5 Successful Professional Gamblers

I added a Youtube video from the Investor's Podcast with Preston Pysh and associate with their informative interviews where they say: ''We Study Billionaires & Teach You What We Learn''.

Well, they talked to Edward Thorp in what I'd describe as an informal question and answer session. 

It lasted for about 40 minutes. 

The professor answered questions and he clearly knows what he is talking about. I understand two-year-old horse racing so I have little idea about hedge fund management. But I do like to learn and listen to his understanding of probability and blackjack.  

What struck me as most interesting although far from much to do with mathematics (although it may well do) is the fact that Edward Thorp is was born in 1932 and aged 88. 

You may be thinking, there are lots of people aged 88 on planet Earth and from a probability point of view I've read that one in three people from first world countries have a fair chance of living to 100. 

Here's the thing that struck me, the blokes doing the podcast and everyone who meets Professor Edward Thorp. 

He looks about 55 (a young fifty-five, at that). 

In fact, he is the youngest looking old bloke I have ever seen. 

Asked how he looks so young he replied (in my words): ''I used to be a marathon runner and that put him in good order and now eat small meals often, and healthy food. In addition, I have a personal trainer to keep fit. Also, I have lots of health-check tests because, basically, prevention is better than the cure.''  

A very successful, intriguing and healthy man.


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