Thursday 15 April 2021

Understanding Horse Trainers to Find Winners

It doesn't take much working out that all horse trainers aren't created equally. 

The might of a powerful owner can transform the fortunes of any yard. However, most stables have a familiar type of setup. The ebb and flow of owners sees most reaching a point of equilibrium. 

From my vast horse trainer analysis I have found a lot of data and understand the strength and weakness of stables. This regards the standard of horse, potential winning grade and most importantly winning starting price (SP). 

What's interesting about studying horse trainer data?

Most punters don't look beyond the basic info what's found on your favourite platform. I use the Racing Post and Time Form. 

The important undertaking is to go beyond the average study. If you don't have the passion, motivation or hunger to go the extra mile you are wasting your time. It might sound a bit cutting, but it's true. 

With a little bit of digging you will go from the populous to those in the 1% of understanding. That information gives you a winning edge and just as importantly helps direct your focus. If you aren't looking in the right direction, you are not only going to lose money gambling but you are simply wasting your time. 

The interesting point is that you either know something or you don't. If you don't have data you are lacking. Your best idea is a hunch. If you want to bet on a hunch then go for it. But without that reference point you won't understand anything. 

Every trainer is different. That doesn't take much working out but if you don't know about a given trainer you are betting in the dark. 

And, true, you may be able to understand that one has more winners than another. But what do those winners tell you? Is there a pattern or some vital information you can gather from this data? 

There is so much information waiting to be found. 

For instance, certain trainers never, ever, win at speculative priced odds. In fact, some of the data I have about trainers would make you question what you have been doing for all these years. I would use this same data to look at your bets objectively and a lot of the time I would be shaking my head. 

Any horse can defy the odds and win. But do you really want to be fighting against the tide of data that say your bet is most likely a loser?

And I'm not talking about horses a giant odds. 

You'd be surprised. 

The problem with lacking in any area that you bet is that you simply don't know. 

To be a successful gambler you need to know answers to questions. If you can't put the work into find this elusive data then you will never learn from those losses. In addition, you will never learn from those wins. 

If you don't work to understand horse trainer data you are missing a trick. 

A little bit of work can reap rewards. 

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