Wednesday 14 November 2018

Wednesday's 2YO Update

These posts are published after the race as the free promotion has concluded. If you are interested in knowing the best horses in training then contact me via email at 

Let's have a look at today's races. I will keep this brief as I can as not feeling a million per cent motivated at this very second. 

I wonder which horses have significant entries? I'm looking for the first time just to show readers how easy it is to do this yourself from the Group Horse 2018 trainer/horse lists. The 2019 Group Horse (Info) will be kept for the private members' page so it won't be on this site, either.  

Anyway, back to the millstone...

I will post this now as there are no candidates. 

Take a read from a new website we have just acquired called Sprinterstogo. It's all about sprint horses and we've just updated a couple of good reads:

Dayjur: The Horse Who Jumped Shadows 

Can You Remember Klute? (The World's Fastest Horse)