Friday 14 June 2019

How Do I Find the Best 2YO Horses in Training?

I often wonder who reads these words. 

Which part of the country or globe do you visit? I know we have one or two readers from Australia, many from the United States & Great Britain. There is a small child scribbling notes about horses trained by Archie Watson and, amazingly, he comes from Timbuktu, in Mali. 

OK, that last one isn't true!

It can often feel like a thankless task updating the websites. In fact, if it wasn't for a little bit of advertising which we receive for all our hard work, I very much doubt you would see anything much at all. That's not being selfish, just the way the world works. Would you keep working for me for nothing in return? I'm not saying those words to make you feel indifferent but, again, it's a fact that you wouldn't likely be thinking: ''I really need to write this post for Jason because he is waiting.'' 

I do enjoy keeping our readers informed although it can feel a bit like I walking up a steep hill especially if I've had a losing day at the races. I made a mistake today and it cost me a little bit of money. It's not so much the money, just frustrated by my own action which led me down a blind alley. A lesson learned. To all gamblers, remember those lessons learned and don't make the same mistake twice. 

Never mind (my beautiful Marlene always responds: ''I mind.'') 

Thank God. 

Anyway, I'm rambling, as usual. 

What I want to say, is that the Royal Ascot entries are being uploaded on the 2019 Group Horse page. 

To be honest, the significant entries are not really that interesting for these high-class races. The significant entries are much more interesting for the bread-and-butter races which, often, start the journey of successful two-year-olds. It was the same for Frankel, and it will be the same for many more. Clearly, few will ever achieve such dizzy heights. It is only from looking at horse trainer statistics that you appreciate how difficult it is for any horse to win a race. Sadly, most two-year-olds do not taste success. Even when the nursery races start it isn't a given. 

By the end of the weekend, the Royal Ascot entries will be uploaded. We uploaded the Phoenix Stakes (Group 1). I don't detail the Irish horses because we are dedicated to British racing. However, you will see plenty of familiar trainers who have exciting prospects. 

The significant entries will be coming thick and fast in the next few months so it is a good opportunity to keep track of the best two-year-olds (2yo) in training. We will be sending out a couple of 10 Dark Horse Mailings at the end of July. I must apologise for a lack of mailings of late. I actually sent out a couple and both horses won: Firepower (Clive Cox) & Bomb Proof (Jeremy Noseda) who will be heading to Royal Ascot. It wouldn't surprise me to see this colt win on the big stage. 

Anyway, if you want to know the best two-year-olds in training, then simply click the link on this page.