Group Horses 2019

Welcome you to Group Horse Daily. This is our sister website to Group Horse. 

You may have found us via Google search engine, mailing list or a friend pointed you in the right direction. 

You will be impressed by the information we have to offer.

This page will be updated from March - November. 

At first, this page may seem a little overwhelming. However, it is your key to identifying the best unraced and lightly raced two-year-old horses in training from stables big and small. 

If you enjoy books like Steve Taplin's Two-year-olds 2019, you will enjoy this top-notch data. Bookmark this page because we highlight the best two-year-old horses on a daily basis.

What's Group Horse Daily?

Basically, we detail Big Race Entries for two-year-old horse races. 

What makes this information different from the Racing Post?

Our information is specific to two-year-old horse racing and categorised by trainer name, which makes following a stable's significant two-year-olds very easy. It takes hundreds of hours to collate this information. You will not find such comprehensive information on any other website. In fact, our data is more accurate than the Racing Post because they delete many entries after the closing date. Many of these entries are very short lived so if you miss them you would need to contact Whetherbys' Data Services. Our website is the best you will find for two-year-old entries and it is free. 

Take  a look at last year's  Group Horses 2018

Please take a moment to review last year's Two-Year-Old Big Race Entries 2018 to appreciate the quality of horse we are talking about - many highlighted before they had set hoof on track. You will notice horses are categorised under their trainer's name. You will not find this information presented in this format on any other platform. Try searching through entries on the Racing Post and you will soon realise it is hard work. 

Which Two-year-old horse races are significant? 

There are many throughout the season, often taking place at prestigious meetings such as Royal Ascot, Goodwood, York, Newmark but, also, at smaller racecourses. 

Tell me more...

I use this information, along with other research and years of experience, to make my betting pay. In fact, my brother and I have won a significant amount of money betting on two-year-old horses over the last two decades. We've had an interest in horse racing for over 30 years. We have researched two-year-old horse racing to a point beyond any other person or platform in the world. Our research was detailed over a decade ago in the Weekender Publication written by Nick Mordin (Systems). 

We keep our best information private for a very good reason - because it makes us money. 

The information we detail takes hundreds of hours to update. 

Our private research, which isn't available to the public, brings an understanding that even horse trainers, bookmakers, layers, enthusiasts or aficionados do not understand. We detail this ''basic'' information to help bring insight to our readers. It is better than most paid subscriptions - without cost. 

How do I find out the best two-year-old horses?

All horses detailed on this page are of interest. The trainer thinks they have the ability. Many will be outstanding. Exceptional. Horses such as Too Darn Hot, trained by John Gosden, in the ownership of Lord Lloyd-Webber. 

We detailed this horse before it made its debut and it is now favourite for the 2000 Guineas. 

It was given on one of our two 10 Dark Horse Mailings.

In general, horses with the most entries are best. However, our research has detailed that one entry is enough to highlight a two-year-old horse of star potential. You have previous years' information on this site to help assess. 

Do you give racing tips?

We are not a horse racing tipster service. Many people contact us about people purchasing an annual membership. 

Here's the problem, the information is worth too much money to us.  

Even if I sold a subscription for £1000 a season it wouldn't be enough! (I know that sounds crazy but it is true). 

However, we forward two 10 Dark Horse Mailings (July - August) which bring exceptional insight. 

Please, visit this page to see the two mailings we forwarded last year. The vast majority won and others either raced or won at pattern class. 

As we noted, Too Darn Hot is favourite for the 2000 Guineas at Newmarket (NON-RUNNER). If you look at the entrants for this Classic race, you will see that almost every horse was detailed on last year's page Group Horses 2018.  

Well, I think that's all the information you need. 

The best 2yo racehorses in training will be detailed below.  

I guarantee you will be impressed. 

If you have any questions, simply contact      

Good luck. 

Group Horses 2019

(Last update 17th May) 


* Before Horse's Name Means It Is A Debutante

Charlie Appleby 

Full Verse *, 
* Silent Wave *, 
* Cherokee Mist *, 
* Imperial Empire *,  
* Ottoman Court *, 
Story Of Light *, 
Well Of Wisdom *, 

Michael Appleby 

Gracie's Girl - BR,  

George Baker 

Victochop - BR, 

Andrew Balding 

When Comes Here *, 

Karl Burke 

Macho Touch *, L, 
Dancing Leopard *, 
* Lord Of The Lodge *, *, 

Declan Carroll 

* Kilham - BR

Mick Channon 

Birkenhead - BR, 
Sir Gordon - BR, 
Bartat *, 

Jane Chapple-Hyam 

* Lincoln Blue *, 

Paul Cole 

* Atlantic Crossing *, 

Robert Cowell 

 Strive For Glory *, NS, 
 Taste The Nectar *, L, NS, 

Clive Cox 

Firepower *, *, *, 
Can't Stop Now *, 
Lady Fanditha L, 

Keith Dalgliesh 

Gina D'Cleaner - BR, *, 
* Handlebars - BR, 
Moneyball *,  
Glasvegas *, 
River Of Kings * 

Tom Dascombe 

It's Been Noted *, *, 
* Javea Magic *, 
Chevchenko Park *, 
Utopian Lad *, *, 
* She's A Unicorn *, 
Iva Reflection LA, 
Dr Simpson LA, L, 
* We Owen A Dragon *, 

Michael Dods 

Yarrow Gate L, 

Tim Easterby 

Siena Bay *, 
Iva Go *, L, 
Herbert Pocket *,

Mick Easterby 

Bankawi *, 
Stittenham *, 
Vardon Flyer *, 

Brian Ellison 

Paddy Elliot - BR, 
Northern Grace *,  

David Evans 

Dark Optimist - BR, *, *, 
Dorchester Dom - BR, 
Heer We Go Again - BR, 
Zulu Zander - BR,*, *, NS, 
Chasanda *,  LA, L,  
Shani *, 
Good Vibes L, 

Richard Fahey

Bendy Spirit - BR, 
Show Me Show Me - BR, *, LA, *, 
Mighty Spirit *, L,
Jaunty *, 
Ventura Rebel *, 
Dylan De Vega *, 
G For Gabriel *, *, 
The New Marwan *, *, 
Lexi The One *, LA, *, 
Kidda LA, 
My Kinda Day *, 
Baileys In Bloom L, 
Toro Strike *, 

David Griffiths 

Dorcha Knight *, 

William Haggas 

Baadir *,

Richard Hannon 

Lexington Quest - BR, 
* Willa *, *, 
Audio *, 
Beignet *, 
Kemble *, *, 
Ocasio Cortez *, 
Endowed *, *, 
* Good Job Power *, *, 
Separate *, L, 
Threat *, *, 
* Fantom Force *, *, 
Forbidden Land *, *, 
Temple Of Heaven LA, *, 
* Northern Sun *,  
Sun Power *, 
* Today Power *, 
Ziggle Pops *, *, 
* Frozen Water *, 
Kuwait  Direction *, 

Charles Hills 

Walton Thorns - BR, 
Silver Start L, 
Flippa The Strippa NS, 

Richard Hughes 

* Rathagan *, 

William Jarvis 

Galactic Glow *, NS, 

Mark Johnston 

Don't Joke *, 
Xcelente *, 
Companion *, L, L,
Jm Jackson *, NS, 
Alminoor *, 
Misty Grey *, LA, 
Rose Of Kildare *, LA, 
* Fred *, 
* Homespin *, *, *, 
* Iffraaz *, 
Monoski *, NS, *, 
Praxeology *, 
* Clog Maker *, 
* Eton College *, 
Raffle Prize *, 

Gay Kelleway 

Olivers Pursuit *, LA, 
Lady Quickstep L, 

David Loughnane 

Richard Rhb - BR, 
Lakeview *,  LA, 

Mark Loughnane 

Contract Kid *,

Phillip Makin 

Penmellyn *, 

George Margarson 

* Ropey Guest *, *, 

Martyn Meade 

Album *, LA,  

Brian Meehan 

Aroha *, 
Gypsy Rocker *, *, 
Top Buck LA, *, 

Rod Millman 

Daddies Diva L, NS, *, 

J S Moore 

Fact Or Fable *, 
Brown Eyes Blue *,  

Seamus Mullins

Arasugar - BR, *, 

Adrian Nicholls 

Amnaa L, 

Jeremy Noseda 

Bomb Proof *,  LA, 
Boma Green *, 
Fleeting Princess L,

David O'Meara 

Full Authority *, NS, *, 
Great Dame LA, L, NS, 
Oso Rapido *, 
Infinite Grace L, 
Ruby Wonder L, 

Jamie Osborne 

Out Of Breath *, 
Emten *, L, NS, 

John Quinn 

Mia Diva *,

John Ryan 

Sea Of Cool *, 

Kevin Ryan 

Coast Of Dubai - BR, 
Stars In The Night *, *, 
Repartee *, 
Galadriel L, 

Saeed bin Suroor 

* Future King *, 
Electrical Storm *, 

George Scott 

Strong Power - BR,
Chattanooga Boy LA, 

Bryan Smart 

Proper Beau NS, 

Richard Spencer 

Grace Plunkett *,  

Seb Spencer 

Must Dream * 

James Tate 

Royal Council *, 

Mark Tompkins 

* Fajoora - BR, 
Prosecutor - BR, 
* Break Cover *, 

Ronald Thompson 

Anna Fallow - BR,

Grant Tuer 

*Angel's faces *, 

Bill Turner 

Hell Of A Joker - BR, 
Queen's Road *, 
Summer's Way *, 

Roger Varian 

Clan Royale *, 

Wesley Ward 

Lady Pauline *, 
Joker On Jack *, 

Archie Watson 

Lady Kermit *, L,
Execlusive *, 
Electric Ladyland LA, NS, 
Littledidyouknow L,
War Storm *, 
Adam West

Barry Magoo - BR,