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Group Horses 2019

Frustrated Not Knowing The Fastest Horses? Pinpoint the best! (Horses the trainer wishes you didn't know, revealed.) 

I thought so.

The easy way to pinpoint the best horses in training

Have you ever wanted to know the best two-year-old horses in training before they set hoof on track? You hear trainers saying their horse has been ''flying up the gallops''. A fat lot of good that is knowing their ''secrets'' after the race. We've heard it all before, hey. It's frustrating! If only we were part of those inner circles it would be different. Just think what you could do with that inside information.

Well, that's the beauty of Group Horse Daily. 

You don't need to ask anyone - because you will know. In fact, you will know because this information comes from the trainer. 

Name a horse trainer - big or small. You know their best two-year-olds before they make their racecourse debut. Horses such as Too Darn Hot, trained by John Gosden. This exceptional colt won four times and now favourite for the 2019 2000 Guineas. Just one of over a 100 horses Group Horse Daily identified - most before they had made their debut.

Why feel the frustration of listening to a trainer telling you all about their impressive winner, that it's the best horse they ever trained when you could be thinking I knew about that ''winner in waiting'' a month back. 

Don't worry about finding all this information because I've got something that can help you without doing the work. 

It's done for you.

Is this you:
  • Do you love horse racing and betting but really don't know where to find the best inside information that works?
  • Do you want an easy way of finding the best information that's done for you without any research or work? 
  • Do you want to know the best horses in training so you can bet with confidence?
  • And most of all, do you want to know this information before the crowd?
You're in the right spot.

I can help you fix this problem. 

This is your turning point. 

What makes Group Horse Daily exceptional is that you will not find this information anywhere else on the internet. It doesn't just set a high standard. You won't believe what you are seeing. 

Not being funny, but it's like having your favourite horse trainer on a #speed dial.

Imagine the scenario.

You: ''Hi John, can you give me a list of the best two-year-old horses in your stable?''

John Gosden: ''Sure, no problem. In fact, I will keep you updated throughout the year.''

I know reading those lines and the image which comes to mind is quite comical if not surreal. However, we have proven from the years we have been detailing this information that it details the very best horses.  

Knowing the best horses from one stable sound impressive. Now consider you knew the best from over 100 trainers. All the big names: Sir Michael Stoute, Roger Charlton, Mark Johnston, Roger Varian, Richard Hannon...and smaller stables, too.  

We guarantee that if a horse is flying up the gallops and has star potential it will be on our list. 

Go back in time to 2010 - Frankel, trained by Sir Henry Cecil, was listed before he made his debut.  

Many readers may be familiar with Steve Taplin's Two-Year-Olds 2018. It's a good publication. You know it's downfall? It's print month's before the horse's race so by the time you learn about them - the information is outdated. 

Group Horse Daily is updated on (as it says a daily basis) and that means it is up to date and very precise. 

It starts from the very first day of the new Flat turf season until the end of the turf season in November. Better still, the list of horses can be used until the horse is age three. It details winners throughout the season. Not just your average horse but those which make the headlines. The ones featuring those race comments: Impressive. Hard Held. Comfortable. Readily. Taking Debut.   


Racing Post: 9/09/2018 (Debut)

Too Darn Hot: ''Quite strong, led 2f, chased leader, pushed into the lead again over 2f out, shaken up and drew right away over 1f out, taking debut (tchd 4/5)''

This exceptional colt was detailed before his debut. 

Group Horse Daily follows a set strategy. 

I Know Your Problem

See, I used to be in your shoes. Spending hours trying to learn this inside info with little success. Always thinking someone else knew more and realising that was the truth. Without question the phrase ''knowledge is power'' is true. And you know what, I was determined to find the answer to this problem and be standing at the front of the queue and not at the back. 

I must admit, I really questioned what I was doing. Could I find the answer to this ''seemingly'' impossible question? I was just your average bloke who enjoyed his horse racing but wanted to know more. At times I felt overwhelmed. But I knew there was an answer. 

But then, things changed. 

I detailed a system - one that actually worked - in order to identify the best two-year-old horses in training and used this knowledge to bet and win at the races. In fact, my horse racing went from a hobby - quitting my job - into a full-time business.  

I have to be thankful to my twin brother, Tony, who found the answer to this elusive question and made some groundbreaking research that not only put him on the pages of Nick Mordin's Weekender publication but opened our eyes to betting with a new, dynamic approach that made a significant impact on our fortunes. We focused on our niche of two-year-old horse racing and honed our skills beyond recognition. Fast forward to this day - I use this same information to bet and win

Now, I've created a system of all my most successful information into daily updates called Group Horse Daily.   

When people join Group Horse Daily they stick around for years to come. 

Imagine If... 

Before joining Group Horse Daily you love your horse racing and betting but frustrated by feeling you are missing out. You are sick and tired of listening to the whispers of someone who knows and ex-jockey and he says...

How will your life change with this information? 

What struggles will disappear?

Why is this a sound investment?

It can be so different. The information works like clockwork. You don't need to waste your time researching or listening to idle gossip. You can find the best horses in training updating 24/7 even while you sleep!

This is a prime example of how this information works. I woke up on the 25th August 2018. Studying the card at Newmarket (1:40). Looking down the runners, I noticed Simon Crisford's debutante Jash was noted as one of his best two-year-olds in the stable. I had been waiting for this horse because it appeared on my list a week or two prior its first run. Jash was seriously backed on the exchanges (early 7/1 Betfair) backed to 15/8f. This son of Kodiac won by over four lengths. The Racing Post comments said: 

''Prominent, shaken up to lead over 1f out, soon ridden and flashed tail, ran on well (op 3/1 tchd 2/1 and tchd 10/3)''

This talented colt went on to his second start by nine lengths. His third and final start of the turf season him finish runner-up (beaten 1/2 length) in the Judmonte Middle Park Stakes (Group 1). 

It's hard to believe how exacting this information is. Because in the debut race at Newmarket our list identified another horse in the race which I expected to take all the beating. The horse finished sixth - beaten over twelve lengths. You might be thinking that isn't anything to talk about. The horse - trained by Saeed bin Suroor - is named Royal Marine. He went on to win his second start by 2 1/2 lengths at the price of 11/2 and then won the  Qatar Prix Jean-Luc Lagardere Sponsorise Par Manateq (Group 1) (2yo Colts & Fillies) (Turf)

See the form here:

Royal Marine

With Group Horse Daily you would have known about these two exceptionally talented horses before they set hoof on course. 

This is just a normal day for Group Horse Daily. In fact, the day before it detailed two talented debut winners for Sir Michael Stoute's stable. 

Layaleena  & Sangarius

It really doesn't get much better than this. 

Imagine If...

  • Imagine if you had access to the best two-year-old horse in training from over 100 trainers from the biggest and influential to small stables who have found a horse worthy of note (small trainers with good horses often win at big prices!)
  • Imagine looking at the race card and top-class horses just pop out like they are written in bold
  • Imagine if you were in the local bookmakers or chatting with your friends and being able to reel off a list of debutantes that you know will be winning.
  • Imagine if you noticed a horse on the list that's making its debut for a small trainer and it wins at 33/1. 
  • Imagine if you bet on that horse £33 each-way? (returned £1372.8) 
  • Imagine of you found a way to use this information to become a professional gambler

I use this exact information to bet and win good money. 

I'm excited to look at the day's racing because I know there will be ''hidden'' class horses I can identify - often a big prices.

I bet with confidence. 

All the work is done for you. It really is the easiest approach to finding true inside information and having the chance to make your betting pay. 

Within two months of following Group Horse Daily, you will never go back to your old ways of betting without influence. 

It is an investment which transforms your understanding of horse racing when you are part of the inner circle. I know how frustrating it can be to miss the best and place your money on a horse that has zero ability. The feeling of knowing you are onto something good and walking to the counter of your bookies to collect a big win is truly something to savour. With Group Horse Daily successful gambling is within reach of everyone. 

What Exactly Do I Get When Joining Group Horse Daily?

  • Private access to our member's only website

  • Regular (if not daily) updates from over 100 top-class horse trainers
  • A guarantee that two-year-old horses detailed win every pattern-class race in England
  • Identification of top-class debutantes 
  • Potentially the best trainer two-year-olds identified from within the largest stables (Richard Hannon, Jeremy Noseda, Roger Varian, Karl Burke etc...)
  • A weekly posts detailing insightful race analysis 
  • 30 Selective Tips Per Annum (you really don't need this information with the quality of this list) 
  • A 60-day money back return if you are not satisfied


Want bonuses? You'll get plenty. 

Join by 29th March 2019 to receive these amazing bonuses. 

Access to our exclusive Facebook Group 

3 Techniques to get value when betting 

Testimonials or Case Studies 

''Well done yesterday, mate, with Snazzy Jazzy. Actually done it in an each-way double with No I'm Easy. The information you write up is priceless. Many thanks.'' 

Craig N.

''Never have I seen a service with 2yos like you provide.'' 

M. Lowther 

''Hi Jason, thank you so much for the tips yesterday. My brother did a £5 ew roll up on them, got to the third race and had a cash out of $400 (approx) but closed his eyes and let it ride! Dandhu won quite easily. His return was £1861! Thanks again, Jason. Well done, mate.'' 

P. Malone       

(Get a photo of each) 

Perhaps add a video - how it works or client 


My interest in horse racing came from my late father, Colin, who loved to go to Great Yarmouth's Eastern Festival, which takes place every September. We used to stay in a caravan at Caister-on-sea. It was our family holiday. We still go to the Eastern Festival in memory of our Dad and family who have sadly passed. Such beautiful memories and a lovely little course. 

Many years later, my brother and I took our gambling much more seriously. In fact, my twin brother, Tony, made some groundbreaking research that not only put him on the pages of Nick Mordin's Weekender publication but opened our eyes to betting with a new, dynamic approach that made a significant impact on our fortunes. We focused on our niche of two-year-old horse racing and honed our skills beyond recognition. 

Fast forward to this day - I've been betting professionally for over a decade. What started off as a hobby has turned into a full-time career.   

I love helping other gamblers improve their knowledge with our inside information. Throughout the season, we forward the best two-year-old horses in training and determined to transform your gambling success. Take a look at the two 10 Dark Horse Mailings we sent out in 2018. The majority of the horses were unraced. If this is the standard of the free material - just imagine what you will be viewing on a daily basis. Information of an exceptional standard.       

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me on my personal email 

PS: We are all about offering value to our members and you will see we do that in spades.


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