Monday 8 July 2019

Group Horse Is Hotting Up

Well, I have kind of settled into being at West Palm Beach, Florida. No, that's not me sitting on a deckchair at sunny Brighton with Pimms in hand. 

I'm always busy so the websites and racing keep me interested. Obviously, the five-hour time difference means I get up at 7am, if not earlier, to get ready for the day's racing. 

In some respects, it works quite well, as I don't feel I am waiting for the racing to start early afternoon. It's more like 8am. 

I have been going to the park in the evening as they seem to be a lot more accommodating in the US with basic exercise equipment such pull-up bars and you can walk or jog (run if you like) a mile circuit and there are 20 exercises stations (can't think of a better word) dotted around. I am not very fit. I really need to get fitter, so this is helping. I think most people struggling with fitness is related to being a little (or a lot) overweight. As they say in horseracing terms ''weight stops trains''. It stops people, horses and I guess even a pollen-laden bumblebee if it has had a good day. 

The significant two-year-old (2yo) entries are hotting up, too. I've added four or five race entries over the last week and although many detail horses who have shown their cards (so to speak) there is a number who are worthy of a look. Simply click the link and check out Group Horses 2019

That's as simple as it gets. 

Sure, I could detail the significant runners on a daily basis. However, I am a very busy person and I hate to be a bit of a grumpy old man, but I don't see too many people doing much for me. It is sad to think that many people read our websites and don't really consider the time and energy it takes. I thought the same when the Racing Post went offline today for an hour or so. Lots of comments on Twitter about it being offline. ''Is there something wrong with the APP?''  

But how many people ever say thanks for a free website. Sure, if you are paying for the service you have every right to complain. But if you are using all the info for free then a little appreciation goes a long way. 

I wonder how many times people have even shared a post on here? 

It says it all, hey. 

Thankfully, I do things because I want to. I use the information on here to help with my betting. It is very good, saves readers lots of time and you've all seen the winners. 

By the end of the month, I should have the first lot of 10 Dark Horses ready to mail. I have been very slow sending any mailing. I forwarded a couple early season. 

Check out the Group Horses 2019 page and you will see a few two-year-olds of note.

Thanks for your support.