Monday 19 October 2020

Horse Racing Blogs That Kick Ass

You may be thinking...

That bloke who details info about two-year-old horse racing has gone quiet. I think he has gone back to West Palm Beach, Florida, to enjoy the winter sunshine like some snowbird who couldn't wait another minute to escape the bitter wind of New York. If I don't have some rest and relaxation i will need to play online roulette to get my fix of gambling fun. 

It's a bit different to the windswept Fens of East Anglia, hey. 

I could do with a good vacation or holiday if you are like me and a Brit. 

I will do my very best to forward a Group Horse Mailing this Sunday. They always say no news is good news. I guess at times, that is true. 

Unlike many subscriptions you join, who fire out emails as if bullets trying to sell you a new, shiny, object (you don't need) I will forever detail only info of worth. 

Along with detailing top-notch two-year-old prospects I work on and collaborate with a number of blogs and websites. 

In fact, you may have visited a few and not noticed I have been part of their story. 

So here are a few new and old websites I am associated:

First, take a look at Craig's Betting Blog because it is associated with Group Horse. Craig has been following the two-year-old racing for a few years now and he really is passionate about his racing. In fact, his blog is updated regularly and there are almost 300 blog posts which have been written over the last year or so. The vast majority written by Craig, with me forwarding one or two along the way to just help out. You may have noticed a few of his articles in Google search engine. You will not find a more dedicated man and your visits to this blog will be worth your time. If all else fails take a moment to play best online pokies australia

One of my newest website is Professional Gamblers. I was very lucky to get this domain for a basic cost (sometimes you need a bit of luck) when I'm pretty sure it is worth a bob or two.It's not for sale. Anyway, this website will detail professional gambler stories of new names plus the old retro gamblers who packed up their bags of money and went to stay somewhere on the Florida coast. In truth, this blog will be a mix of gambling stories and racing news, However, all will be written by myself or David Dunning who we have worked with for a while now. Professional Gambler stories are always well received and give insight for those would-be gamblers with ambitions of making their betting pay. 

Next is a very established blog and one you may well know. Eric Winner is a collaboration with a very good friend of mine who loves his sprinters. The blog is on the verge of achieving one million page views which is a real testament to the hard work from the Sprint King. Eric Winner is prolific and one of few tipster to detail a 100/1 winner (amazingly backed to 12/1). I think the blog isn't too far off 2000 posts so it is a bee hive of industry and tips are offered on a daily basis. Eric gives winners on a regular basis and is especially good on the all-weather courses. In addition, he lays horses to lose. This is a unique combination of backing winners and laying losers in the same race. A blog you may well have visited. If not, take a look and see if he has passed the million mark. 

Thanks for visiting. 

Photo: Pixabay (free)