Thursday 3 December 2020

It's Been a Long Time Between Drinks

You often here that said by a racing pundit with reference to a horse that hasn't won in a month of Sundays.   

You're probably thinking the same about blog posts or emails from me. 

They say the best things are worth waiting for. We can only hope that can be said of yours truly. 

You may be saying: ''What is he doing?''

After the conclusion of the Flat turf season I start reviewing and assessing my horse trainer profiles by adding data and making a reassessment. 

Thankfully, with the shorter season it takes slightly less time. I've been adding to this data and last year I revamped the whole thing and it took me a good four months of solid work. It wasn't the most pleasurable experience but these things have to be done. 

And it is something our readers benefit from too and all these golden nuggets of information filter through to give insight. 

Well, I've managed to complete about 10 trainers so far and I probably have another 90 to go. It's surprising how many trainers go from a - z. 

I often say: ''Knowledge is power.''

It's true. 

Data doesn't give you the answer to everything but it definitely helps point you in the right direction. If you don't have your eye on the ball you have little chance of hitting it. 

From my analysis of horse trainers it is revealing. 

A trainer such as Richard Fahey has raced hundreds of two-year-olds, in fact, if I checked now it would be over 1,000 runners (just from my data) and all that info tells you a story. 

It gives you the answer to what makes a winner and what makes a loser. 

However, it is just one part of the jigsaw. 

This added to form, significant entries, experience and looking out for pointers give a pretty good understanding of two-year-old racing. 

Even a race full of debutantes gives answers. 

So for the next month or so I will be updating these horse trainer profiles and detailing one or two insightful answers to questions. 

Thanks for your support.