Friday 6 January 2023

10 Dark Horses 2022 (13th August)

Hi Guys,

I must apologise for being far too quiet. With one thing and another it has been one of those years. However, I always prize myself on the 10 Dark Horses, which pinpoint a few quality two-year-olds.

As usual, my hand has been forced, because I have seen a couple on my shortlist entered to run tomorrow so I'm sending this mailing out so you can take note of these individuals.

Please remember, I don't give these horses as tips. If you wish to bet on them, that's your prerogative. Everyone is responsible for their own finances so please keep that in mind. My role is to forward 2yo thoroughbred horses which I feel will be winning sooner or later. If quality juveniles, most of these will be winning in their first two starts. It is much easier for a two-year-old to win on its second start but a classy horse can win on debut. 

Funnily enough, last year's 10 Dark Horses got off to a horrendous start with the first four or five finishing down the field. However, the vast majority proved talents and won on their second start. I don't think we had any superstars last year but eight of the ten went on to win races  

If you wish to recap on this year's mailings, which include last year's 10 Dark Horses 2021, you can find them here. 

Anyway, as an extra bonus I will forward 11 Dark Horses for your consideration. As I said, a couple are running tomorrow so we will see how they go.

The vast majority of these horses are debutantes. However, I have added three horses which have raced once this season simply because I know they are classy and worth a mention.

If you click on the horse's name, you can see their entries via the Racing Post.

11 Dark Horses 2022  

1) The Black Hole - Kevin Philipart de Foy:   
2) Zoology - James Ferguson: 17
3) Magical Sunset - Richard Hannon: 16411
4) Purple Love - Richard Hannon: 86 
5) Kitai - Charlie & Mark Johnston: 2210  
6) Boxing Alex - David Loughnane: 0
7) The Xo - John Ryan: 22-1315 
8) Chuzzlewit - Kevin Ryan: 571 
9) Sherbet Fountain - David Simcock: 37 
10) Centrefold - Roger Varian: 430

Bonus Horse

11) Sakheer - Roger Varian: 211

There will be a good few winners from these two-year-olds and fingers crossed one or two are up to Group class.

Be Lucky.