Monday 6 November 2023

10 Dark Horses 2023 (6th November)

Hi Guys,

Firstly, I would like to apologise for being a little quiet these last few months. 

With one thing and another, too many demands on my time, I may have missed a couple of mailings (just editorial stuff). However, I am a firm believer in less is more, and we don't bombard you with mailings (like others) which offer little value or try to sell you something you don't need. 

We have nothing to sell.

I just do this to help bring a bit of interest to the fascinating world of two-year-old horse racing and detail a few dark horses alongside privecity casino online in the hope one or two achieve group-class status if not winning at the highest level. It's not the easiest task to identify unraced or lightly raced juveniles who are going places. 

Regular readers know we have a fine track record of finding winners and it adds to the season and into the three-year-old campaign.  

Anyway, please find, below, our list of 10 Dark Horses (+one bonus horse). I'm quite happy with the list but you can never quite tell. There will be winners unless something unbelievable happens. 

Please remember, I don't detail these horses as tips (I know a lot of our readers do bet) so if you put your cold, hard cash on the line, it's on your own head.

There's a lot more to successful gambling than a list of potentially 'smart' horses!

I would say this, statistically it is much easier for a two-year-old to win on its second start than debut. Although a classy juvenile can do just that. Most good bets come through circumstance but sometimes you need a little bit of luck as you do with slots online US which sets a very different scene from the horse racing talk. I prefer betting on a talented horse in an average race or a horse that has disappointed. Also, there is little point betting on horses at short odds. Value bets are key. 

This year's list details 5 debutantes and 6 horses which are once raced. It's just the way things fall. I could detail all debutantes but I'm sure you would rather have quality horses than me trying too hard and a couple of talking horses disappoint.

For ease, I have added a link to each horse so you can take a look at their profiles on the Racing Post and put them in your tracker if you so wish. 

10 Dark Horses + 1 Bonus Horse

1)  Night Raider - (Karl Burke) - 11 -
2)  Arkhalia Flynn - 5 (Jack Channon) - 
3)  Serene Seraph - 3 (Richard Hannon) - 210 
4)  Stratocracy - 7 (Richard Hannon) - 494 - 759
5)  Star Music - 3 (Richard Hughes) - 313 -
6)  Jayarebe - (Brian Meehan) -17 - 1
7)  Sisyphean - (Kevin Ryan) - 524 - 17
8)  Bondy - (Bryan Smart) - 41 -
9)  Fool's Gold - 6 (Richard Spencer) - 17 - 
10) Savvy Warrior - 4 (Sean Woods) - 367 - 4

11) Bonus Horse:  Miletus - (Charles Hills) - 5 

Good luck if following.

Thanks for your support.