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This insightful information will help you appreciate the strength and weaknesses of trainers big and small. Over the last few years, I have researched all horse trainers to understand what makes them tick. When it comes to two-year-old horse racing we excel. It will transform your understanding. 

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Example - (03/02/2021)

Want to understand the strength and weakness of your favourite two-year-old horse trainers?

You've come to the right place. 

Archie Watson:

Based at Saxon Gate, Upper Lambourn, West Berkshire. After spending a whole life around thoroughbreds it's no surprise this talented trainer has made an impressive career, especially regarding training exciting two-year-olds. 

But what do you know about this trainer?

A horse trainer who excels with two-year-olds, especially on debut. Research of juveniles covering the Flat turf season (including the all-weather) has show a strike rate of over 20% win and almost 50% place. Not bad considering that is debutantes priced at any odds. 

Looking at his winners by month, it's no surprise to see Watson does well with his debutantes early season, especially March - July. 

Here's the interesting point about his debutantes, very few win at double-figure odds. In fact, you are best to look at betting at 5/1 and less SP. 

Bookmakers and punters alike latch onto this trainer's horses on debut and he is very much a favourites' man. 

Regarding two-year-old horses for this stable on their second start, it is a similar story. However, with their fancied horses they do have better statics second start compared with debutantes. (This isn't too much of a surprise as, in general, it is much easier to win with experience than without.)

If you are looking for one of Archie Watson juveniles to win at speculative-priced odds on their second start, you had best look elsewhere. 

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