Monday 1 February 2021

The Flat Turf Season 2021: Ready for the Off (1st February)

I'm really looking forward to the new Flat turf season. 

Looking at the racing calendar, the Brocklesby Stakes is scheduled for Saturday, 27th March 2021.

I'm hopeful the Brocklesby will be the first two-year-old race of the season. I seem to struggle to find such information until I see it with my own eyes, but I feel it is the ideal starting point for the juveniles. 

In previous years, we've seen one or two all-weather races pip the Brocklesby to the post, taking away from this celebrated contest, which, to me, is a negative. 

Last year, the pandemic created problems, racing started in June, which meant trainers had about 10 days (if that) to get ready for Ascot (which wasn't Royal). 

On a personal note, I was happy to see the two-year-old season begin although out of sync it didn't help with professionalism. A lot of gamblers felt the same; many said they had a less-than-successful season. 

I was happy to see the resumption of racing simply to bring some stability to the industry. Owners stepped up to the mark, basically paying to keep horses in training on a wish and a prayer. 

I am hopeful we will see a full season. It will be much better for all. Our subscribers will benefit greatly. We're ready for action.  

In fact, I have even more data for you. 

After such a difficult year, everything is a positive. Group Horse has the experience and knowledge to make a substantial difference to your gambling. I don't say those words lightly. Anyone who knows about us appreciates we are an authority when it comes to two-year-old horse racing. 

So what is the plan for the season?

One downside with our old mailing schedule was waiting far too long for info. Our first 10 Dark Horse Mailing will be sent out in July, the second August. 

That's why I added Easy Professional Gambler Mailing Series

It's 100% Free.

From mid-March, I aim to send one mailing a week. (This is very much dependent on my workload but I will always do my best for you.)

The Easy Professional Gambler Series includes: 

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Each mailing will explain everything you need to know.

Simply open each and every mailing when it arrives in your inbox. 

This year's info will be even better. I am confident you will be impressed. This isn't your average mailing that other platforms send out to buy something you don't want or little value. 

We'll detail information from a completely different perspective. 

Being a subscriber, you are the only ones to see this exceptional data.

We are one step ahead of the game.

You'll receive information that's pertinent to the season: beginning, middle and end.

Understand two-year-old horse racing in a professional, meaningful and profitable way. 

Information that excites, informs and builds ambition, making your gambling pay.

If you have any questions, contact me at (I reply to everyone, fast.)

Invite friends and horse racing fans to join our mailing list. (However, only invite people who are serious about two-year-old horse racing and appreciate worth.) 

At present, we have about 700 subscribers. 

The maximum will be 2000.

Any subscribers who don't open their mailings will be deleted. I'm only interested in people who are serious about their gambling and life. 

This season is going to be even better. The information you receive will be of the highest standard detailing original data, insight and experience that gives you an edge. You won't find this quality of information anywhere on the internet. 

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