Thursday 12 April 2018

Reinforcement of Discipline

Finding winners is all about reinforcement of discipline.

I know what you are thinking - surely it is all about finding winners. In many ways that is true. However, what comes before winning? Look back, further than that, back some more, and see the foundation of your knowledge, underlying principles, structure and process of reinforcement.

The wise man built his house upon the rocks. To appreciate the truth of winning at horse racing you need to realise the foundation of your knowledge is as important as picking those winners. 

Bad habits are the reason why most punters fail. A poor basis for reason. It is surprising how few people actually learn from their years of betting. It is strange because you wouldn't go to college to sit in the same class for years.It is like studying O'level math and never progress beyond the basics. You keep going back to the lesson without even questioning you are treading water. 

There is no logic. 

So how do you start to win? 

Learn slowly with some basis to your understanding. You need to have a niche. Why? Because you can't know it all. Contestants on Mastermind have a chosen subject for a reason. Try asking a painter and decorator to change a car engine. 

You learn true knowledge by experience, trial and error. But you learn by assessment. You need to question your progress and realise it will take time. Of course it will take time. You don't just wake up one morning to find you are a professional gambler. What is your job? Think back to the first day. You didn't know much hey? Slow as a snail, clumsy, and making hard work of everything. But you found the answers and built on that foundation. You're bloody good at what you do. It didn't come easy and you respect that fact.  

However long it takes to learn how to win at horse racing it's time well spent. You don't want to battle on without progress. If your results tell you nothing has changed then stop. Appreciate what you understand has worth. Something that makes you a return. Work to find more of the same by reinforcing such a winning discipline. Use these guidelines to help you structure your approach and take small steps so you don't lose confidence in what you have. You are polishing the stone to make it shine, not knocking off the edges. 

In ways all these words may seem like mumbo jumbo. What's he rattling on about? It is real. Without foundation, your ''knowledge'' is fluid, moving with the ebb and flow of many variables, especially your emotions.

Without a foundation to your knowledge, skills, ability to find winners you have nothing to hold firm or progress.