Thursday 14 March 2019

Betting on Saeed bin Suroor for a Winning 2019 Flat Turf Season

So many horse trainers.

I have a few favourites and one is Saeed bin Suroor. He is a such a professional, studious and likeable man. I've seen him a good few times at Great Yarmouth Racecourse. I really need to think of a question to ask him! To be fair, I don't like to push myself on people and respect that a day at the races isn't a Q & A session. 

I felt sorry for bin Suroor when Charlie Appleby kept getting the lion's share of the talented horse, especially two-year-olds. It annoyed me, so I can only imagine how he must have felt. Politics, hey. 

Anyway, we all know that Godolphin is not lacking when it comes to woning, training and winning with exceptional horses. 

You know by now, the Group Horse [Daily] follows two-year-old horse racing to a higher level than anyone on the internet. If you know better, then send them our way and I will have a Q & A session. Even Steve Taplin wouldn't want to meet me on Mastermind. Even my general knowledge is good!

I've started my horse trainer study on Saeed bin Suroor. It isn't, as I keep saying, a pleasurable experience. There's nothing wrong with Mr bin Suroor, his horses or his success. I just need someone to do all the work for me, detail the finds and I'll sit back in West Palm Beach, Florida watching those funny-looking turkey vulture which circles about five miles high. I guess they are just waiting for something to die. 

Going back to a given feels a long time ago, he has run over 400 two-year-olds. My data covers the Flat turf season so it isn't all the season. Anyway, I have been number churning. Not got too far into the stats as yet. I know it will take a few days. Neverending. Very boring work. But crucial to just one of many parts of my understanding. 

Interesting point. From all his debutantes (my data, years...etc) he has never had a debut winner over 12/1. Saying that he hasn't had a huge number of horses start over 12/1.The point why statistics need to be assessed within their context. 

Best get back to work. The 2019 Brocklesby Stakes is getting closer by the day, and I would so love to have all this data stuff concluded. 

Time will tell.