Monday 24 February 2020

Understanding 2YO Horse Racing & Finding Winners

Readers of this website know we follow two-year-old horse racing to a point of no return.  

In fact, if we stumbled upon the set of Mastermind, it would be our specialist subject. 

Knowing your niche is key to being a successful gambler. It doesn't take much understanding. There simply isn't enough time or need to spread yourself too thin. And for that reason, we eat, sleep and drink 2yo horse racing. It is one of the best ways to enjoy horse racing and to find that winning edge. As I have said many times before, you don't need to be the best punter on earth, just a little better than most. You could go for a deep niche of understanding a horse, trainer or even an owner, breeder or something so obscure that you wouldn't even consider it has much to do with horse racing or winning at all. 

What I am saying is don't waste your time looking at the same information as 95% of the population. Sure, it gives you insight but you will need a wealth of knowledge to use that in a way that others don't. 

That is why you need to dig a little bit deeper so the 95% dwindles down to 1 or 2% and ideally less than that. 

You may think that sounds like a lot of hard work. However, it isn't difficult at all. 

Sure you can do it yourself. 

If you wish to get the most out of your horse racing and find true meaning you will put the work in and just make it your own. 

Or you follow a website like Group Horse Daily or even work with me and get your hands on the most informed insight you can find. 

Sadly, I'm not giving my information away to anyone (beyond the 10 Dark Horse Mailing) because I'm too busy. 

I may bang on about not giving too much away for free but I can assure you if in my position you would do the same. I don't know what you do for a living? It doesn't matter. Because at the end of the day your expertise maybe this, that or the other, but we all work to a universal time of minutes and hours. Would you give me an hour of your time for free? Well, don't expect me to do it for nothing. It will never happen and I am not the sentimental type. I have been more than giving over the years and it creates a culture of dependency and people who have one switch. In big bold letters, it reads: TAKE. 

So here are a few basic pointers to help you beat the bookies.

Find your niche. 

If you think you can know about everything you are either Einstein or a fool. And I would be pointing to the latter. Know less and bet more - and double your brainpower. You don't need to know everything under the sun. Use knowledge with logic and reason. 

Dig Deeper to find that Seam of Gold

The gold rush happened because there was so much easy gold. Then it became more and more scarce. The only people to find any gold were the ones who knew a little more than most. They made a fortune while others clicked their heels. Find insight, knowledge, whatever you want to call it, which sets you apart from the rest. If you can't do that, don't waste your time. 

Facts are Facts

Data will give you the truth about anything - but only to a point. However, it will help you look in the right direction and successful gambling is all about having laser focus and seeing the wood from the trees. If you are looking at everything you will lack focus and burn yourself out quickly. You need to work in an efficient manner.

Enjoyment and Meaning

If you don't love what you do - it will be hard work. And if it is hard work you will end up resenting what you do or lack the motivation to do it well. That is why it's important to enjoy horse racing and your niche. It has to have meaning beyond simply winning and losing. You need to see the full picture and enjoy the story. As a wise old horse breeder once said to me (Nelly Cox) ''Every horse has its story to tell...''

Be part of the story and appreciate the trials and tribulations - and every success. It will help you understand that every bet has meaning beyond the money. And understanding and appreciating that point will help you find more winners. 


Betting is all about understanding. It goes beyond a horse on a given day. It is the appreciation of the knowledge you hold and especially the meaning. 

Good luck.