Friday 10 August 2018

A Warm Welcome

Just a quick note for those finding there way here from our recent mailing. Group Horse Daily is updated on a daily basis so it is worth a visit to take note of the latest news. 

To help familiarise you with the layout and pages of note, here is a quick rundown. 

Today's Notes: 

Generally, I have been simply detailing the significantly entered juveniles which means these are not tips. However, with an influx of new readers, I will be detailing the most noted juveniles for the rest of the season. This will help you appreciate the worth of this information. It takes hundreds of hours to detail this info.

2YO Races:

Every two-year-old race can be viewed if you have a Sky Bet account or subscriber to the Racing Post. I'm not hooked up to any affiliate scheme or whatever so I'm not trying to sell anything. Even without an account/subscription you can still see the race results for every 2yo race from the start of the season up until the Flat turf season ends. Click this link to see what I am talking about

Group 2018:

This page details all the significant entries for horse trainers big and small. This info is updated on a daily basis and reveals the best two-year-old horses in each stable. Horses identified with an asterisk (* Kadar, trained by Karl Burke) before their name are debutantes. As a general rule, the horses with the most entries are the best. However, this varies for each trainer. Click this link to see the page

Significant Entries:

Want to know what all those numbers mean (Example: Kadar NSG, Y, 30) then Click this link to see the significant entries page.

In truth, this is a very easy format to find lots of very good info, which most punters do not know. Over the next few weeks we will be adding a lot more talented horses, so you have free access at the right time. 

** This website is free until the end of the Flat turf season 2018. Beyond that point it will revert back to subscription at £499 per annum. 

Thanks for your interest.